Stars, Stripes, and Testimonials: USA Flag Co. Customer Reviews

Dive into the heart of American pride with USA Flag Co. Customer Reviews. Explore firsthand experiences and glowing testimonials from satisfied customers. Discover why our flags are celebrated for their quality, craftsmanship, and enduring patriotism.
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American all the way!!

These stick flags are awesome for putting in the ground!! They are tall enough that the flag doesn’t hit the ground. Very well made and I love that they are made in the USA. I hated to purchase flags in the past that were made in China, but I couldn’t find USA made flags!! Our American flags should never be made anywhere else but the USA!!!

Impressive Quality!

One look at this flag and you can tell that care went into making it. The high quality materials and sturdy stitching makes the flag feel substantial. And the striking embroidery really makes a statement…the attention to detail feels appropriate for a flag that means this much.

Just perfect!

Great quality, on time delivery and excellent customer service. Thank you.

Great for our Lake House

Great flag holder for our Lake House. Needed something to withstand the wind and weather. Looks great and very sturdy!


Excellent customer service and excellent product. This is my second flag. The first one is still in excellent condition after four years. I ordered another for a different location.

Highly recommend

This is such a great flag. The workmanship and colors are outstanding.

Well made and quick shipping

Flags are very well constructed and the customer service is exceptional

Excellent Company and Products

I purchased the Patriot Flag Pole and bracket kit. Amazon originally shipped the worng item. However USA FLAG promptly contact me after inquiry into the mix-up and ship me the correct item which is of very high quality. I reccomend USA flag they are very trustworthy, quick and have many flag choices including state, military and more. Support this veteran owned business and fly the american flag which is actually made here in the great USA..

Christian Flag (Fully Sewn Design)
Aaron H. (Charlotte, US)

Best quality Christian and U.S. flags I’ve ever purchased. Deep and rich colors, quality materials and workmanship.

White Flag Pole (6ft, 1-inch Diameter)
Alice B. (Wellington, US)
Proudly Waving Our Flag

The pole is very well made and easy to install. The flag is very well made. The stars are embroidered and look beautiful in person. We are proudly flying our flag on the front of the house! Definitely would recommend US Flag.

Well made in the USA

Great flag, heavy duty, high-quality! recommend, great customer service, veteran owned, thank you for your service 🇺🇲

American Pride

This is the best Flag that I've bought! I absolutely love the rich colors and quality is Awesome.

High guality flag

This is my second USA Flag. The 2x3 is perfect for my application. Only replaced due to staining from trees and roof runoff. No rips or rot whatsoever over many years of outside use 24/7! The heavy-duty nylon holds up great. Thanks USA Flag for making such a high quality flag for a great price.

DuraPatriot™ 3x5 American Flag
Beverly B. (Factoryville, US)
Best flags !

Purchased Betsy Ross & American flags. Very well made products all sewn stars & strips. Re-enforced hanging grommets. Love that 6 yr warranty on flags. DuraPatriot flag rocks .

Christian Flag (Fully Sewn Design)
David M. (Cleveland, US)

The flag is adequate, but I wish it were made of a heavier stronger material so that it would withstand the outside elements of our area better and last longer.

My beautiful flag

I’m so proud of the flag I ordered from USA Flag company! The flag is well made right here in the USA. Service from your company was fast. I have taken many pictures of it flying free in the breeze and sent the photos to my family and friends. Thank you very much

Wonderful flag from a great company

I chose the two-ply polyester flag. The stars are embroidered, the stripes are sewn, the colors are bright and vibrant, and the quality is top-notch. I am very pleased with my flag.

The bracket came about a week after the pole which led me to think it was lost, but other than that, im happy with the product.

White Flag Pole (6ft, 1-inch Diameter)
Kathleen S. (Virginia Beach, US)

My flag pole was very easy to order, assemble and track. Arrived on time and I can now fly my flag again.

DuraPatriot™ 4x6 American Flag
Davidson F. (Augusta, US)
Love my flag!

Looks great. Seems more durable than those from the big box stores.


Excellent customer service; quality pry…very sturdy.

Appeal to heaven flag

This flag is a beautiful example of Americas struggle against tyranny, it is a call to he who comes from heaven to free the American people.


This is the American Quality Im talking about.. Replaced the Foreign made flag with this heavy duty American Flag.. Nice..
Thank You..

4x6 American Flag

It's beautiful! Made well. It looks great! Tyvm

Mexico Flag
John (Snellville, US)
Mexico Flag 3X5 FT

Awesome flag looks better in person.