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This is a very nice Flag!

For starters, this is the best flag I ever owned and I am proud to be an American. The colors are vivid and the embroidery is well made. I have mine flying on my Garage. Made to last

Love our flag ❤️ beautiful

Beautiful great quality

Marine Corps Flag (3x5 foot)
Ian B. (Elizabeth, US)


Proudly she flys, on my mast!

Looks good!

Five Star rating for American-made flag

I received the 5x8 American flag in perfect condition I give it a five-star rating it is good to know it is made in the United States with american-made products Keep up the good work putting America first Thanks again

I love sharing my faith with the world. I just wish the material was a bit more rugged to stand up against the wind. I had to repair the flag a few times with my sewing machine along the borders but the main part of the flag is starting to fray through to holes forming.

I live in a very windy area. I go through flags quite often, if the wind doesn't get 'em the sun does (summer runs from about 110-118 degrees). This Betsy Ross Heritage flag is very heavily constructed, four rows of stitching across the end should be helpful against our ripping winds. Stripes are double stitched, stars are embroidered, and though I'd prefer triple stitching on the stripes, the double stitching will hopefully withstand the strain.
Note: Although this flag is listed as a 3x5 I can attest that it is larger, not 4x6 but larger than your standard 3x5, either that or I got an odd ball, either way ... I LIKE IT!

We couldn't get "your" Texas Flag last time we needed we ordered from "W" and put it up! It did not last! Will never order again from any other supplier!

We ordered a 4'X6' US Flag and Texas Flag. I am very happy to find such high quality flags for our home. These flags have strong deep blue and vibrant red and are truly something we can be proud of displaying. The ordering process was very straightforward with timely delivery.

Excellent product and service, fast shipping. Thank you!

This flag shows up with rich, full color as compared with our other flags. Really pretty.

Looks like the best pole out there.

Excellent quality. The same flag that is displayed at almost all presidential inaugurations. Represents the constitution. It is NOT a racist statement !!

This is a beautiful, high-quality flag with embroidered stars. It arrived in quality packaging which was impressive. Plus, it's made here in America which was crucial for me. There are cheaper alternatives made overseas, but you get what you pay for. I would buy from them again without hesitation.

California Flag
Jeremy T.

Love that it is made in USA. Most likely I will be back in the future.

Took this flag out for a run, it held up well in the wind and the colors were vibrant. The detail is good, this is my 7th of 8th flag I’ve gotten from this company, never disappointed.

Superb craftsmanship, priced right and it looks awesome on the flag pole. Little slow on the shipping but well worth the wait.

Great flag! High quality material and well stitched. This is my 4th or 5th fly from these guys and I enjoy each one of them. Worth the money!

Only been flying for a few days but right out of the box I was happy at how good this flag looks!

Very pleased with the quality of this flag; the Moultrie flag is very special to us in the state of South Carolina. Proud to fly it!

Awesome flag, made in the USA. I'm incredibly proud to display this symbol of freedom from tyranny. God bless America!

Great flag. Holds up well. We replaced the previous flag after 7 months. The only issue was fading, but with our Florida sunshine that's expected.

Great flag! This is my 4th or 5th flag from this company and I have loved the quality and colors on each of them. This one I got for MLK Day and took it on a run. It held up well and the colors are vibrant, making the LIBERTY easily readable. Worth every penny!

I am a Ride Captain for the PGR and I will be using this POW/MIA flag in PGR missions along with Patriot parades such as Veterans Day parades and 4th of July parades.

Well made, and colors are correct. I’d buy again.