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North Carolina Flag

North Carolina Flag History

Adopted: 1991

North Carolina Flag Design: A blue union, containing in the center thereof a white star with the letter "N" in gilt on the left and the letter "C" in gilt on the right of said star, the circle containing the same to be one-third the width of the union.

Designed by Johnston Jones


North Carolina Flag

Introductory Note

The North Carolina Historical Commission receives numerous inquiries concerning the history of the State flag of North Carolina and the significance of the dates which appear on it. In response to these inquiries, the Historical Commission has issued this bulletin. It was prepared in 1911 by Mr. W. R. Edmonds, at that time a member of the staff of the Historical Commission, now an attorney of High Point. The sketch was afterward published in The University of North Carolina Magazine, new series, vol. 29, No. 3, from which it is here reprinted, with copies of recent acts of the General Assembly relating to the State flag, and copies of the "Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence," May 20, 1775, the Halifax Resolutions of April 12, 1776, and the Ordinance of Secession, May 20, 1861.

R. D. W. CONNOR, Secretary of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

The State Flag of North Carolina

The flag is an emblem of great antiquity and has commanded respect and reverence from practically all nations from the earliest times. History traces it to divine origin, the early peoples of the earth attributing to it strange, mysterious, and supernatural powers. Indeed, our first recorded references to the standard and the banner, of which our present flag is but a modified form, are from sacred rather than from secular sources.

We are told that it was around the banner that the prophets of old rallied their armies and under which the hosts of Israel were led to war, believing, as they did, that it carried with it divine favor and protection.

Since that time all nations and all peoples have had their flags and emblems, though the ancient superstition regarding their divine merits and supernatural powers has disappeared from among civilized peoples. The flag now, the world over, possesses the same meaning and has a uniform significance to all nations wherever found. It stands as the symbol of strength and unity, representing the national spirit and patriotism of the people over whom it floats. In both lord and subject, the ruler and the ruled, it commands respect, inspires patriotism, and instills loyalty both in peace and in war.

In this country, we have a national flag that stands as the emblem of our strength and unity as a nation, a living representation of our national spirit and honor. In addition to our national flag, each of the different States in the Union has a "State flag" symbolic of its own individuality and domestic ideals. Every state in the American Union has a flag of some kind, each expressive of some particular trait, or commemorative of some historical event, of the people over which it floats.

The flags of most of the States, however, consist of the coat of arms of that State upon some suitably colored field. It is said that the first state flag of North Carolina was built on this model, but so far as we can learn from the records the first legislation on this subject establishing and recognizing a "State flag" was in the year 1861.

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THE NORTH CAROLINA STATE FLAG (PDF) 41.6 MB by Edmonds, W. R. (William R.) 1913

Salute to the North Carolina Flag

The General Assembly of North Carolina adopted an official salute to the North Carolina flag in 2007. It reads:

"I salute the flag of North Carolina and pledge to the Old North State love, loyalty, and faith."



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THE NORTH CAROLINA STATE FLAG (PDF) 41.6 MB by Edmonds, W. R. (William R.) 1913

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